Welcome to The EISAAR TRUST

The Eisaar Trust, It is a dream come true for a selfless group of social workers, desirous of bringing a meaningful change in the lives of our less fortunate fellow citizens. TET strives for the well being of the Community and was established and registered at Lahore on 26.05.09 under Registration No. 1526.

Mission Statement

  • To protect and improve human life by helping one another irrespective of class, creed and gender. In collaboration with other charities, we contribute to societal uplift in the fields of medicine, social welfare and education..

Vision Statement

  • To create a self reliant, productive and strong Pakistan based on equal opportunities and sound values.


The objectives of TET are to establish, encourage, assist and finance, charitable Medical, Social Welfare and Educational activities, and assist the poor and needy, regardless of sex, religion, caste or colour, and without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid aims:

  • To offer assistance to deserving persons.

  • To promote, patronize and undertake such charitable causes and purposes as the trustees my deem fit from time to time.

  • To receive, and procure, help, assistance and donations, from donors, local and International Institutions, Charitable, Organizations, Trusts and Governments and to coordinate, cooperate and participate with them and undertake schemes and projects for implementation of the objects and purposes of TET.

  • To construct, purchase, and establish, help and assist, Hospitals, Clinics, Training, Educational and Health Institutions, and Poor Homes.